Saturday, September 30, 2006

Electric Wheelchairs - A Way of Life

Wheelchairs are more than a way for the disabled to get around, it is a way of life. Those who are confined to wheelchairs need their wheelchair to be accessible, comfortable, and extremely easy to use. People need wheelchairs for a variety of reasons: accidents, war injuries, debilitating illness, aging, and many others. By using a wheelchair, working and maintaining an active lifestyle and independence is made easier.

There are several different options today for wheelchair bound people. The standard wheel chair, one which is manually operated, is most normally used by those who suffer temporary injuries requiring little use of their legs or spine for a short period of time.

Today they have electric wheelchairs which give those who are permanently confined to a wheelchair more independence and ability to move freely about. Using an electric wheelchair gives you less dependence on others and more confidence. There are also people in wheelchairs that still play sports and other activities specifically played with players who are in wheelchairs.

Wheelchairs come in a variety of sizes and weights to suit the needs of the patient using it. They come in pediatric sizes for young users and heavy duty for larger patients and most have the ability to fold easily for storage during transportation in a vehicle. Wheelchairs also have accessories that provide many functions depending upon the needs of the patient. There are wheelchairs that are for those with extreme paralysis that can be controlled by any portion of the body, for example a wheelchair whose owner can control the movements with a mouthpiece. There are also accessories that allow a patient who cannot speak to communicated with others.

Electric wheel chairs feature greater maneuverability and better suspension. They should offer a suspension system that keeps the tires firmly on the ground so minor bumps can be easily negotiated.

Regardless of which type of wheelchair you choose to use, the common goal remains the same: functionality, independence and comfort of the user.

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